Fake Weights, Fake Weights Props, How much do Fake Weights Weigh

What are fake weights?

Fake Weights props

Fake weights are weights that look exactly the same as realistic weights but are much lighter than they look and easier to lift. Anyone can lift these weights easily even without any strength training.

Who uses Fake Weights?

Fake weights are generally used by people who are doing weight lifting, modeling, amateur, and professional worldwide in a photoshoot. The reason why they use fake weights because photoshoot takes a lot of time and it is not easy to lift original weights again and again. So, they use fake weights as they are much easier to lift and perfect for a long photo shoot.

Fake weights can also be used in technique training, videos, fitness education, movie props, commercials, marketing for product and services displays.

But some social media influencers also use fake weights to gain more followers and money. The more the followers and more will you earn money.

who uses fake weights

How much do Fake Weights actually Weigh?

Fake weights are not at all weighs closer to the original weight. A 45lbs plate weighs only 3-4 pounds max and a 20Kg dumbbell weighs a maximum of 2-3 pounds.
So generally, fake weights actually weigh less than 10% of original weights.

how much do fake weight weighs

How can you tell or recognize if the weights are fake?

Heavy lifting will make the lifters face red and even signs like shaking of arms and legs can be seen. But the person does not show these signs, it will make it very easy to identify if he is lifting original or fake weights.

Heavy plates would generally bend the bar, and if you see the bar is not at all bending even if it carries a lot of weight, it will make it easier to notice that the weights are fake.

What are fake weights made of?

The weights are generally made of solid plastic and solid Styrofoam which makes it look more strong and lightweight

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