10 pack abs possible and real?

Ten pack abs possible and real?

You may be thinking that it is possible to get 10 pack abs or not. How do those guys look having 10 pack abs?

People still working hard to get 6 and 8 pack abs and how would they achieve a goal of 1 pack abs. Guys have been working hard to achieve 4,6 and 8 pack abs and now they are assuming how the heck will they get ten pack abs.

Are, 10 pack abs real?

So you may be assuming that 10 pack abs are real or not and how actually 10 pack abs guys look. So Muhammad Ali (also known as Mr. 10 pack ab) and Shahrukh Khan ( While filming the movie Happy new year) have 10 packs abs instead of 6 and 8 pack abs.

So the question is if the 10 pack abs real or is it just an illusion?

Now, let’s check out how our abdominal muscle look and functions

Abdominal Muscles Explained

The abdominal muscles are located between the ribs and pelvis on the front of our body. So there are 4 muscle groups in our abdominal area and when these muscles got developed, they lead to the well defined abdominal area.

Transversus Abdominis

This is the deepest muscle layer. It plays a vital role in stabilizing the core area and maintaining internal abdominal pressure. It also helps in strengthening the back and pelvis

Rectus Abdominis

This is the most important muscle as when contacting this muscle has the characteristic bumps that are known as 6 pack abs. The main function of this muscle is to move the body between the ribcage and the pelvis muscle.

External Oblique

These are situated on both sides of the rectus abdominis. This muscle allows the trunk to twist, but to the opposite side of whichever external oblique is contracting.

Internal Oblique

These are situated inside the hipbones and flank the rectus obdiminis. Internal Oblique muscle just operated the opposite way to the external oblique

Ten Pack Abs

How to get Ten pack abs

It is almost impossible to get 10 pack abs until you are born with these genetics. All of us have a fixed number of muscle bands on the rectus abdominis. Each band has 2 muscles or 2 packs. Normally people have 4 packs and the most common one is 6 pack abs. So until you are not born with 5 bands, it is not possible to achieve the goal of 10 pack abs

Ten Pack Abs Possible?

So, if you are looking for a ten pack abs workout, then I must say it is not possible even when you do unlimited crunches. No matter what workout plan and diet plan you are following, it is impossible to get ten pack abs until you have 5 muscle bands or through some cosmetic surgery.

But if you have well developed 6 pack abs with a strong abdominal area then you can also make appear your 6 pack abs like 10 pack abs. All you need is just to lower down your body fat percentage to 6-7% and work on those abdominal muscles to make them pop out.

Is there a 10 pack abs workout?

There are many people claiming and showing off their 10 pack abs workout. But from our point of view even following any type of fat loss or any workout in this world can’t make your 10 pack abs pop out until you are not born with it as mentioned in this article earlier. So just work hard and try to achieve 6 pack abs as it will look cooler than 10 pack abs.