Exercise for over 60 and Overweight

Exercise for over 60 and Overweight

With age, we get more comfortable and confident in our skin. Starting a new workout routine is hard for all age groups. It can get harder if you are over 60 and overweight. But worry not! there are safe and healthy exercise routines you can follow even if you’ve had a long history of not exercising. There are no limitations in getting an active and fit life even in the 60s. Follow these tips on exercise for over 60 and overweight to shrink your inches and boost your confidence.

Things to consider before starting the weight loss journey

After the age of 60, your body behaves differently and you may have medical concerns. Therefore, it is important to consult your doctor before you start an exercise regimen. Get a medical check-up done as you have to follow a routine that considers your heart rate, oxygen intake, and key joints. It is important to monitor your progress from the start. Simple tools such as a pedometer, stopwatch, journal, etc can be used to track your progress as you likely won’t see immediate results. Also, consult a doctor to chart out a proper diet plan that will work for you. You also need to have proper workout gear and footwear with extra support and cushioning. To maintain positivity throughout your journey, find a community of similar people with similar goals so that you are surrounded with as much support as possible.

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Start slow and choose the best exercises that work for you

For efficient weight loss, you need to focus on two areas, your metabolism, and diet. To boost your metabolism, you need to start strength training and HIIT. Drink adequate amounts of water and getting quality sleep quality also fuels your fat burn. Include more lean protein in your diet along with cutting down on carbs and sugar. Research shows that older adults need more protein in their diet. Sufficient protein in the diet will help support muscle growth and repair. Also, protein is more filling than carbs and fats, and you will see yourself reaching out for unhealthy snacks less.

Best Workouts for obese adults over 60

The below exercise programs are well suited for overweight senior citizens. Choose a program that interests you the most and begin the journey to become a leaner and fitter you.


Walking tops the list as it requires very little pieces of equipment and can be done almost everywhere. It is a low impact workout that improves your strength and mobility in the lower body. But stay away from it if you have knee, back, or hip problems. You can start by walking for just 10 or 15 minutes each day and gradually increase the amount of time.

Aqua Jogging

The adults having painful joints or difficulty moving can choose water-based exercises. If lap swimming and water aerobics are out of the options, then a good alternative is aqua jogging. Aqua jogging requires you to simply run in the water with the help of a buoyancy belt. This has the dual benefits of running and walking without the impact. Aqua Jogging is not as easy as you might imagine, therefore, we suggest you start slow and increase the pace as your workout progresses and you begin to feel fitter.

Strength Training

Strength training increases the range of motion in your joints and can correct postural issues. Along with building your muscles, you will also boost your metabolism. A trainer or a gym staff will be able to show you how to adjust a piece of equipment and to use alternate exercises for each muscle group. Weed online trainers at least initially to ensure posture correction. Remember to not overdo it on your initial days.

Stationary cycling

Stationary bicycles can be found easily at most gyms and is a great way to burn calories with less impact on your joints. It is a great form of aerobic exercise and poses a minimal chance of joint injury. If you have back issues and joint problems, you can choose a recumbent bike that offers more support.


Yoga helps with muscle building but does not assert much stress on the joints, making it a great exercise for senior citizens. Through yoga, you will be able to practice mental discipline and focus. It is also a great way to find friends to exercise and bond with.

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