Drug Addiction

While any person can fall for the charming guise of drugs, teenagers and young adults are more susceptible to this temptation. It may start as a harmless experiment in a social setting with readily available substances. But it can quickly spiral into self-destructive drug abuse practices.

A person typically falls for these temptations due to several reasons. The most common cause is their insecurity and desire to fit in with a specific social group. More severe reasons include abusive home environment, history of drug abuse in family, behavioral or mental health conditions, or a traumatic event. All of these reasons can push a person towards the easy escape that drugs provide. However, there are some severe consequences of drug abuse. These consequences include:

1)-  Drug dependence

Drug abuse always leads to drug dependence, making a person unable to live without consuming drugs regularly.

2)-  Poor judgment

People who use drugs are more prone to making poor judgments in their personal life.

3)-  Increased and harmful sexual activity

Drug abuse causes an increase in sexual drive, which can cause many problems. The most common of these problems include unplanned pregnancies and unsafe sex causing sexually transmitted diseases.

4)-  Mental health disorders

Drug abuse can further complicate mental health conditions that cause temptations in the first place.

Like every loving and doting parent, you don’t want your children to go through the pain and sufferings of drug abuse. Therefore, you should take personal initiatives before it escalates so much that your child needs special care at a substance abuse facility. Although, plenty of reputable institutions, such as the Serenity at Summit, can help save their lives.

5)-  Keep yourself updated

While some drugs such as pot or alcohol have always been around, new drugs are continuously rising. For the sake of your kid’s safety, take the time to learn about the substances that are readily available in the market. You must understand the implications and their harms before you can alarm your kid about them.

6)-  Visual examples

Drug abuse can destroy a promised and bright future. Sadly, many people out there in the world stand as living examples of the destruction drugs cause. People are living in the streets which were once in line to gain scholarships for top universities. Kids in jail for trying to rob pharmacies or people for drugs. These examples show the consequences of drug abuse and can effectively ward of similar ideas in your kid’s mind.

7)-  Ask for their view 

The parent-children lectures might have worked at some age, but not anymore. One-sided communication often results in misunderstandings that can push your kids away from you. Instead of such lectures, involve your kids in the conversation, listen to their views and ask appropriate questions related to drugs. Before you preach anything to your kid, you have to gain their trust. Therefore, be honest with them about your experiences and urge them to be honest through two-way communication. It can create a trustful environment in the household. In case any issue comes up, your kids won’t hesitate to tell you about it.

8)-  Discuss reasons not to use drugs 

Scaring a kid can only affect their mental health more. Instead, choose to recognize the temptation and then discuss the harms. For example, if they play sports in school, educate them how drug abuse can affect their mental and physical abilities, so they won’t be able to play anymore. If your kid is sharp-minded and performs well in school, discuss how drugs can impact their grades. Such approaches can help put things in perspective and help them realize the harms of drug abuse.

9)- Discuss ways to resist peer pressure 

One of the leading reasons kids experiment with drugs is peer pressure. To avoid peer pressure, you must provide your kid a haven at home. The reason is that if they feel unsafe at home, they are unlikely to share such issues with you, depriving you of any chance to save them. However, If you can eradicate the fear of judgment and punishment, you can create a safe environment where your kid doesn’t hesitate while opening up. In such an environment, you can develop strategies that save your kid from peer pressure.


Drug abuse is tricky, as any wrong word or action can drive the person away from you. Instead of saving them from harm, you can quickly become one of the motivators. Therefore, you must compose yourself and control your urge to take drastic measures. Depriving your kid and taking actions such as grounding them or taking away their devices can only cause more rebellion. Therefore, when dealing with drug abuse issues, make sure your kid knows that you care for them deeply and only wish them well.