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Abhyanga can indeed detach your sufferings and promote the well-being of your body and soul.

Here we have mentioned some quick and easy beauty hacks for our readers using regular ingredients from our kitchen.

One of the most accessible types of workouts is the three-day split workout that is loved by the fitness freaks out there.

Having Ayurvedic herbs list handy will help us take care of ourselves without using too much health spoiling medications. We have provided the same below for your easy reference.

Knock knees is also known as genu valgum and can be identified if a child having a large gap between their feet and knees touching when they are standing. Some people are born with it and other may develop it.

Menstruation commonly called periods is the monthly uterine bleeding which occurs through the vagina. It usually starts between 11 years to 14 years in a girl child and continues monthly till the age of 50 years.

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It is a mental disorder in which the person is split off from reality sometimes it is confused with split mind or multiple personalities.

Catatonic schizophrenia is a disturbed mental state of mind, in which repetitive and purposeless overactive or negativism can involve.

It is the family of viruses that are found in animals. It can be spread from  infected individuals through coughing,sneezing

Symptoms of Schizophrenia my include both positive and negative symptoms such as behavior changes, hallucination and more.

It is a bright yellow orange colored flower of pumpkin plant which is loaded with essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

Sprouts are usually known for their high nutritional value, and people in India consume it as snacks due to high protein content.