Why You Shouldn’t Just Ignore Your Crooked, Misaligned Teeth

Crooked teeth are a serious condition that requires immediate reaction. They’re more than an aesthetic problem as they influence the way we bite and might lead to other conditions that would otherwise be easy to manage. Most people think that spending money on teeth is unnecessary and get to a point when only surgery can help them overcome certain problems.

In this article, we’ll try to explain why you should never ignore crooked teeth. Also, we’ll give you several good reasons why crooked teeth can influence more aspects of your life than you might realize. Once you decide to invest in your teeth’ health, you’ll see the benefits in the long run.

Everyday Hygiene

Straight teeth are easy to clean, brush and floss and if your teeth are misaligned, you’ll never be able to clean them from all sides. Of course, this will lead to more buildup between your teeth that might lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

Even if you get all the best possible cleaning products, only the dentist will be able to clean your teeth right. And even when you decide to clean them, it will take time and money to remove everything in the right way.

Irritable Pain Around the Jaw

Even with just a few crooked teeth, your jaw can start hurting quite often. Without the balance that teeth provide, the jaw will try to find new ways to become stable, which usually means that teeth will start moving. If you set an appointment with Concord dentists, they’ll help you locate the problem and give you a solution. Sometimes, a few months of braces will be enough, but there are cases when it takes a few years until everything is back on track.

If you have a child whose teeth are moving outside of the jaw, you’ll have to make an appointment as only a professional can tell you what’s the smartest thing to do. If you’ve developed over or underbite, you should use fixed braces for at least six months.

Maintain Your Oral Health

With straighter teeth, it becomes easy to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. When you’re able to practice good hygiene and floss your teeth as often as possible, you’re protecting your gum from developing cavities. Also, if you want to save them from gum disease, you’ll have to use a decent quality toothbrush and interdental brushes.

Crooked teeth might also lead to premature aging of your teeth because of the extra wear and tear. When teeth are not aligned, you might notice how some will start losing their shape and changing color.

Keep Your General Health in Check

When you have crooked teeth, it put in danger not just your oral but also your overall health. Dental problems left unsolved can often lead to headaches and neck as well as shoulder pain.

Also, teeth problems in some cases lead to heart issues and have a deep impact on your life quality. That’s why it’s pivotal to have at least two appointments every year and keep an eye on teeth that might seem problematic.

Modernized Braces

If the thought of wearing metal braces is holding you back from going to the dentist -think again. Since orthodontic treatments got modernized and braces are now easy to wear, there are many options to consider. While metal braces are still in use, you can get them in white or use invisible aligners that no one will notice on you.

Some orthodontists also offer alternative approaches like cosmetic braces and retainers. With all these options in mind, next time you go to the orthodontist, ask them about different options and determine what treatment would be best for you.

While orthodontist treatments are rarely cheap, now there’s a variety of payment plans available. If you have two kids that need to wear it for a while, you don’t have to get a loan to make it possible.

It’s Not Too Late for New Braces

Putting off braces might come with a high price for your child and especially for you. The great news is that there’s no right and wrong time to put braces. As long as your dentist agrees that you should have them improve misaligned teeth and prevent your teeth from decaying, it’s the right time to do it.

With aligned and healthy teeth, you’ll feel more confident to smile and feel a substantial difference every morning when you look yourself in the mirror. 


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