What Helps Peripheral Neuropathy at Night?

When you go to bed feel very weak with pain or numbness? Damn! That feeling makes the night worse. It seems like a long night without any sleep. If you have peripheral neuropathy your hand and feet get numb and weak, it is because your peripheral nerve system is damaged.

for some reason and the system is sending you only pain signals though you have no pain. So it is a quite disturbing feeling, especially at night time. So what helps peripheral neuropathy at night? Let’s find a way together to get a good night’s sleep.

Peripheral neuropathy and sleep disorders – how to deal with it?

Patients with peripheral neuropathy deal with poor sleep during night time as the pain gets severe. The patient may experience a burning sensation and pain worsening symptoms and it gets worse at night time.  Some patients face difficulty walking or move hands as they completely lose the sensation. And some can’t guess the water temperature because they have completely lost the feelings.  So you can guess how this issue is alarming.

But why is neuropathy worse some days and nights? If you know the reasons then it gets easy to handle the situation, especially at night time. As per massagerhouse.com here are some of The common factors of what causes neuropathy to flare-up are:

●    Temperature change

When you are sleeping the temperature of your body drops. This change works as a trigger of the nerves of hands, arms and legs. Normally a healthy nerve sends the cold signal to the brain but the damaged one sends the wrong signal as pain or tingling sensation.

●    The side effect of medicines

Some medicines make neuropathy pain worse than ever especially cancer medicines. If you observe carefully then you can see the neuropathy pain starts from the moment you take your night time medicine. Consul with your doc and try to change the timing to avoid the pain when you are sleeping.

●    Less distraction

The day-long you stay busy with work, study, home so you stay completely distracted from the feeling of the pain. But during night time as you don’t have to do anything so the neuropathy pain seems to take control of your whole body. If you have insomnia then the pain gets worse and you have to stay awake for the whole night.

●    Stress

When you feel stressed, the pain will affect your body more than before. For the stress, you will not be able to sleep at night and the pain will increase.

Till now you have understood that you have to follow some self-care and techniques to deal with this pain. Here we have discussed some quick techniques to feel better:

●    Taking care of feet

You have to take care of your feet especially if you are a diabetic patient.  Everyday check if your feet have cuts or any sign of blisters. Often tight shoes or socks can cause soreness or pain. Avoid such types of socks and shoes.

●    Try different sleeping position

When you are sleeping try different positions and see which one lessens your pain. Use a recliner pillow for better results.

●    No smoking

Smoking triggers foot problems as it affects blood circulation. Sometimes you may face amputation of your leg. So quit smoking

●    Improve your food habit

If you are a high-risk patient with neuropathy pain then you have to opt for a healthy diet. It will work as pain relief for your pain. Consume dairy products, low-carb meals, lots of fruits and vegetables.

●    Massage therapy

Take massage therapy to improve blood circulation and stimulate the nerves of your hands and legs. Your pain will get less for the therapy.

●    Hot water bath

Warm water soothes and relieves peripheral pain because it increases blood circulation and drops the numbness.

●    Don’t be overactive

Plan the daily activities per your stamina. List the emergencies first then complete the works. Don’t overwork or else the pain will make you worthless.

●    Be positive

Accept the illness and deal with it with positivity. This will work as the best healer. Encourage yourself and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

●    Go for a therapist

With peripheral neuropathy, you will experience depression, insomnia. So keep in contact with a therapist and follow his advice properly.

How to sleep with peripheral neuropathy

Now is the important part – sleep. Sleep plays an important role in our life to stay healthy physically and mentally. If we don’t have proper sleep then our mental and physical health gets affected. For less sleepiness, the neuropathy pain increases and your life turns to hell.

As it is hard to eliminate this pain for forever but you can control the pain by improving your lifestyle especially sleep to reduce stress and anxiety. You can take medicine and work on the methods to have a good sleep without any pain.

  • Avoid taking frequent tea
  • Quit consuming alcohol
  • Take fewer power naps
  • Don’t oversleep during day time
  • Do regular exercise
  • Keep your bedroom cool and use a comfortable bed.
  • Don’t use any device while you are in bed
  • Stay relaxed and don’t think much before sleeping.


Peripheral neuropathy pain is the worst pain experience that one can have. Once the pain starts it gets hard to deal with. So you have to follow some techniques and take medicines to surpass this pain. The worst thing about this pain is it ruins the night sleep and it is a harmful one.  If you know what helps peripheral neuropathy at night then you can enjoy a goodnight sleep for sure.  Learn to manage the pain to enjoy your life all over again.

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