Top 5 Amazing Therapy Technologies in 2020

therapy technologies

Therapy is traditionally known as “practice” because therapists move the body of their patients and help them recover from a condition. This “hands-on” approach advances your ability to function and accelerates your recovery from injury or surgery.

However, times change and technology evolves with it, allowing therapists to assist their patients throughout the healing process better. Now, many physiotherapists and athletes rely on advanced light therapy technology rather than conventional medicines.

This article explored the 5 amazing therapy technologies in 2020.


Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN) is an amazing virtual reality program that helps patients with many concentrations at the same time. Therefore, maximize your recovery.

Patients are tied to a harness that supports their body when they stand on a treadmill that measures their door with sensors. This program has 12 cameras to monitor, calculate, and record your movements when responding to images on the big screen in front of you.

The cameras also allow the physical therapist to see what muscles you are using and whether you are using them correctly.

CAREN is an advanced therapy technology that provides real-time feedback for you and your therapist, giving you a more specialized program to help you with your exercise and treatment.

Rehabilitation Robots

A futuristic therapy technology for rehabilitation therapists. Rehabilitation robots help exercise therapists and can speed recovery for patients with neurological conditions such as head trauma, stroke, and cerebral palsy. Practice makes permanent, and in PT, practice – repetitive movement – is the key to recovery.

Robots intensify the number of reps performed by PT patients; even a robot can help a patient perform ten times the number of reps in a one-hour session.

You might have heard of anti-gravity and underwater treadmills. However, prepare for Lokomat, a robotic treadmill that lets patients with neurological conditions perform task-specific repetitive movements, thereby helping them regain or improve their ability to walk.

To use this innovative equipment, the therapist suspends the patient on the treadmill using a harness. The therapist then places the patient’s legs on the robotic legs of the treadmill. Then a computer customizes the pace of the treadmill and measures the patient’s response and progress.

PlatinumLED Light

It is one of the best solutions to muscle recovery. The Biomax series is the most powerful panel on the market, with ultra-low EMF levels, with a single but always credible wavelength output.

It has a NIR + spectral configuration that combines the benefits of multi-wavelength red and NIR to obtain the most optimal spectrum possible.

Modular design, easy to use recesses, and a variety of “in the box” inclusions to install the panel where it fits.

The internal construction of the lights has been improved and vaporized for the complete elimination of electromagnetic fields, as well as a new integrated digital control system and a timer.

Platinum LED offers an incredible industry leading 3-year warranty, direct customer service, free delivery to the United States, and great prices for premium red panels.

Bluewave Technology

Studies have shown that blue wave technology, or blue light, is superior to other types of light in modifying circadian rhythms, suppressing melatonin levels, and regulating the circadian response.

The Harvard researchers compared the effects of 6.5 hours of blue light exposure with 6.5 hours of comparable green light. They found that blue light suppresses melatonin about twice as much as the green light and changed circadian rhythms twice as much.

However, the strength of blue light can become a real downside at night, including blue light from electronic devices like tablets and phones.

Harvard researchers not only found that it interferes with sleep: contact with blue light at night has also been related to diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and various types of cancer.

Ekso Suit

Berkeley-based company Ekso Bionics overdrawn new ground in gait rehabilitation and training services by developing the Ekso suit, an aluminum and titanium exoskeleton that helps patients with varying degrees of paralysis or hemiparesis to move.

The combination helps facilitate patient progression with progressive step patterns and applies normal biomechanical alignments and gait patterns. Even more impressive, patients often start walking during their first session in an Ekso suit.

Once the therapist “loops” the patient, he can choose between three walking modes. The first mode requires the therapist to activate the steps at the press of a button.

The second and third modes give the patient control, who can activate the steps using the buttons or by changing their body weight.

This therapy technology is specially designed to meet the needs of busy therapists. The Ekso suit does most of the work, allowing the therapist to help many patients in no time.

In Conclusion

You may find plenty of advances in therapy technologies. These devices and programs are very expensive, so they are not available in all states.

However, more progress is being made and more in demand than ever. The patient success rates with these devices are staggering. People recover faster, making it easier for them to resume their active lifestyles.


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