6 Tips To Help Someone Overcome Addiction

alcohol addiction

Helping a loved one who is struggling with alcohol or drug abuse isn’t easy; it is a painful journey. You may feel overwhelmed when all your efforts and attempts to help them go vain. At times, the situation becomes so frustrating that ignoring everything seems a better option.

Well, the truth is you can’t force the addicts to fight against their demons or seek help. All it begins with a personal desire to change and live a drug-free life. Though you can’t make a decision for them, you can support and encourage them to get sober.

Below are the six tips you can consider to support a friend or family member with addiction-

Know What Addiction Is

The first step towards helping someone facing substance abuse is to educate yourself. Understand the difference between an alcoholic and a person who loves to drink. If someone is showing signs of alcoholism or drug addiction, he/she won’t be able to control their substance abuse.

Generally, someone with alcohol addiction shows the following symptoms-

  • Compulsive behaviors
  • Dizziness
  • Blackout
  • Cravings
  • Loss of coordination
  • Self-destructive behavior, etc.

Depending upon the severity of these symptoms, the individual may need immediate outpatient rehab treatment. Once you know how addiction looks like, you can better deal with the addicts and encourage them to seek medical help at a professional facility, like Cleveland rehab facilities.

Encourage Them To Attend Sober Meetings

When you support them by offering to attend alcohol programs or meetings, it helps them feel that you care for them. You can make your loved one feel less afraid by agreeing to accompany them in meetings.

Look for drug rehab near me and ask them if they provide alcohol or drug rehab program. Some professional rehab centers, like the alcohol rehab in Cleveland, provide outpatient treatment, detox, as well as counseling program to the addicts and their family members.

Learn How To Talk To A Person With Substance Abuse

What tone, dialogue, and conversation you need to have while talking to an addict is crucial to understand. Stay calm, express your love, care, and worry for them. Be real, and talk openly to the person to show how serious you are towards your approach to help them live sober.

Be supportive in a way that they don’t feel you are forcing them. Meanwhile, be ready to face denial, negative responses, and abuse. They may feel guilty about their habit, but won’t agree to admit or give it up. Below are a few things to avoid during the conversation-

  • Lecturing, preaching, or threatening.
  • Emotional talks that may increase their guilt.
  • Arguing with them when they are taking drugs.
  • Talking about their responsibilities.
  • Lying or feeling guilty for their behavior.

Stop Supporting Their Habit

Alcohol or drug addiction creates an irrational mentality. No matter how honestly you try, you can’t even reason it. Though you can’t save someone from being an addict or alcoholic, you can stop supporting their drinking.

Cut them off from your assistance if you spot that their addiction has gotten out of control. By making excuses for them, you only support their behavior. Also, stop assisting them financially. Don’t let them manipulate you into paying their bills.

Seek Counseling

Counseling is not only for addicts but also for those who want to help their loved ones struggling with substance abuse. It helps you learn how to manage the situation better. Talk to someone trustworthy to find the resources in your area. The drug rehabs near me Cleveland can help with family counseling and mental wellness, allowing you to support your loved one.

Know All The Options Available To Help Them

Take time to research the options for getting help for substance abuse. Alcohol detox Cleveland offers outpatient treatment, counseling, and support group meetings. Tell your loved ones about all these options, and ask their choice to get help for themselves.

Hopefully, these tips will help you support your loved one in the best possible way!

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