proper cleaning blood spills

proper cleaning blood spills

Cleaning up a crime scene will take a lot of work, from collecting pieces of evidence and getting rid of the mess. It is best to hire professionals to do the job for your safety. They are knowledgeable and aware of the possible hazards of blood spills. Doing it yourself may not bring the best results due to many factors to keep in mind.

The Dangers of Blood Spills To Your Health

Exposing yourself to body fluids could harm your health. These contain biohazards and pathogens that can trigger diseases like hepatitis and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). This is the reason why it is necessary for healthcare workers to disinfect and clean themselves after possible exposure to blood spills.

Seeing a crime scene can also be traumatic for loved ones, mentally and emotionally. Thus, hiring a cleaner can help to ease anxiety as they will take care of everything.

How to clean blood spills?

Removing blood spills may expose you to potential risks. Here are the proper ways to clean blood spills according to professional cleaners:

Protect Yourself

First of all, gear yourself up with personal protective equipment or PPEs before going to the crime scene. This includes wearing gloves, masks, and eye protection for an overall defense against a higher risk of biohazard exposure.

Assess And Secure The Area

Contaminated areas should be properly inspected to ensure the safety of everyone. Identify where the crime took place and clear out the area to prevent unnecessary risks. Such a step will prevent carrying biohazards to other areas that could harm more individuals. This will help you think about what to do next to finish the job smoothly and a lot safer.

Thoroughly Clean The Area

Eliminating blood spills on a crime scene can be a challenging task. It demands thorough cleaning with the use of towels, a biohazard bag, and disinfectants for the best possible results.

Start with covering the spills with cloth towels until they soak up as much body fluids, and then dispose of them via a biohazard bag. Pour a disinfectant onto the area and leave for 10 minutes. Afterward, use another set of cloth towels to wipe the remaining spill then throw them away to the biohazard bag. Do this one more time until no spills are left. Lastly , dry the area completely.


Avoiding the transfer of biohazards is possible through proper disinfection. Also, make sure to eliminate even the broken glasses before finishing the job.

Choose quality disinfectant in sanitizing all the equipment and materials used in cleaning the blood spills. Soak them into the formula for at least 10 minutes to kill the pathogens and other bacteria. Throwing porous materials in a biohazard bag is necessary to avoid contamination. Furthermore, it must be disposed of by a licensed individual.

Final Inspection

Some blood cleanup services have a final testing procedure. It aims to reassure that the area is fully sanitized before leaving. The equipment used has a high level of efficacy and has passed the standards of the medical industry.

Why should you hire professional blood cleanup services?

There are a lot of reasons why hiring professional cleaners is the best choice, including:


Blood cleanup services are experts in dealing with a crime scene. They have undergone several training on how to handle and clean biohazard substances without being harmed. In addition to that, these individuals know the regulations and standards to satisfy clients.


Cleaning experts have already faced almost all types of biohazard wastes that it does not bother them at all. They are fully committed to complete the job with the highest standards both for local and commercial residents. With years of experience, quality service is guaranteed.

Accessible 24/7

Emergencies may happen any time of the day and professional cleaners can attend to your needs right after a call. Get in touch with the nearest blood cleanup provider in your area whenever you need assistance. Assigned cleanup technicians will immediately go to your area with all the fundamentals to start cleaning the crime scene.

Best-Recommended Blood Cleanup Services

Here is a blood cleanup company for your needs. It helps homeowners and even commercial residents in dealing with blood spills and other crime scene wastes. They follow the safety standards of such jobs by using the right cleaning tools and products to avoid further risks. The company also performs a final inspection to prove that the area is thoroughly cleaned.

Our specialists are just one call away and are accessible 24/7 to cater to your blood cleanup needs at a reasonable price. They are qualified and have a full range of cleaning services that are difficult to do by yourself, such as hoarding cleanup, basement cleanup, and many more.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, cleaning up blood spills can save you from extreme risks, particularly pathogens. With the help of the experts, homeowners can feel comfortable and won’t experience trauma in sanitizing the scene. They are accountable for securing the area to get started and to keep people away from contamination. Leaving your area clean and fully disinfected is more possible with the right blood cleanup provider.

Since accidents may occur day or night, the team can go to your place after a single call without delay. The team will show compassion to every client experiencing a loss as part of the service.