Self Massage – The Ultimate Therapy for a Relaxed Life

Is your life distressed with grave instances of sluggishness, sleeplessness, scattered mind, dry skin, anxiety, and low esteem? Well, if the answer is yes, Abhyanga (an ayurvedic term for self-massage) can indeed detach your sufferings and promote the well-being of your body and soul. It is a time-honored method to promote health and detoxify your body from stress-stimulating agents. When done with effective natural oils and lubricants, self-massage can do wonders. Sesame and coconut oil are commonly used massaging oils.

Fast forward to 2020 where one can buy medical supplies online; these oils will be delivered at your home conveniently in a single click of the button. It is not exaggerating the fact that a regular practice of self-massage will let you celebrate and enjoy your life to the fullest rather than just going through it monotonously.
This article decodes some scientifically-backed benefits of self-massage. Towards the end, you will also get to know the correct technique of an effective self-massage. So, let’s dive into this pool of useful and productive information.

Benefits of Self-massage

benefits of self massage


  1. Rejuvenates mind and body – You will better know your body and realize the potential of a healthy mind with just a 10-minutes session of self-massage. An intense massage stroke vitalizes the mind and body, making you energetic and active. A light massage, along with deep and gentle breathing, will calm and de-stress your body and mind.
  2.  Detoxification of body – Accumulation of toxic elements in the body makes us uneasy. With self-massage, we flush out the toxins and impurities through skin pores. The elimination of toxins energizes the body and prepares it to face life fully and boldly.
  3.  Stimulates the flow of energy throughout the body – According to the concept of Ayurveda,prana (life force) is the natural intelligence of your body, and its proper flow activates the healing power in the body. Prana flows through the channels termed in Ayurveda asnadis. Massaging stimulates these energetic channels and promotes the optimum flow of life force (prana) in your body and mind.
  4.  Promotes youthfulness – Self-massage noticeably increases vibrancy and promotes lustrous and soft skin. Its energizing, balancing and detoxifying effects promote the aspects of youthfulness like joy, resilience, and vitality. For this, it is essential to choose the right oils. With a well-accepted norm of online shopping, you can order such medical equipment online, and the same will be delivered to your home.
  5.  Nurtures your body and soul – A mere 10-minutes of self-massage will help you appreciate your true, authentic self. You will learn to relax and accept that phase of yours that is bliss and pure being.  In other words, self-massage can be said to be an act of self-love and kindness.

How to do Self Massage?

  • Warm the oil by placing it in a container over hot water. While The oil warms, rub a dry washcloth or skin brush on your whole body. The type of oil holds the utmost importance here. Oils like sesame oil have warming effects, whereas coconut ones have cooling features. These oils, among others, are available on several bonafide and trustworthy platforms over the internet. So, feel free to buy medical supplies online to facilitate self-massage and step an inch forward to a more relaxed life.
  • Rub the warm oil in your hands and begin massaging. To start with, massage your scalp. Then gently massage temples, forehead, ears, and nostrils.
  • Take more oil if needed, and start massaging your face. Note that it should be done in circular motions. Then, massage behind the neck and throat in an upward direction.
  • Massage the legs and arms towards the heart’s position, with circular motions on joints and strong strokes on muscles.
  • Massage the abdomen and chest using your palms in the clockwise direction, followed by a hip massage.
  • Then, move to the soles and tops of feet. Also, massage both backs and the palm of your hands.
  • At last, lose your body in silence. You may do meditation or belly breathing. Once you are done with this, take a warm shower.


Now you have energized, nurtured, balanced, and detoxed yourself without stepping out for work. Isn’t it amazing? These awesome vibes are a result of only 10 minutes of healthy investment in self-massage. Just a few drops of oil and a gentle wipe of skin brush brought out a relaxed aura.

They are readily available in the nearby market, and one can also buy these medical products online. Isn’t it easy to respond to life rather than reacting to it? When we embrace kindness and self-love within ourselves, we can reflect that love in our everyday actions as well.

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