What Is A Root Canal And When Do You Need To Visit A Dental Clinic?

The worst pain that a human body has to bear is the toothache. The teeth, when start to ache, can give a good fight to your entire ENT system. Suffering from a toothache can be a nightmare. The worst happens when you visit your dental clinic and your dentist advises you to go for a root canal. If you feel anxious and confused about what this root canal is, let us discuss it in detail.

What Is the Root Canal?

Root canals are scraping off the contaminated soft tissue inside a tooth. It is called the pulp, which has a bad reputation, and delaying the treatment can be tempting. A root canal is not as scary as you would think. It is one of the best ways to get rid of the tooth that has been giving you unbearable pain and sleepless nights.

Procedure Of A Root Canal

Root Canal

Treatment with a root canal is highly effective if you have been suffering from toothache for a long time. This has a success rate of 95 percent, and root canal therapy fixed teeth will last a lifetime.

Nutshell, during the root canal process, the infected nerve and pulp are separated. Then, the interior of the tooth is washed and sealed. While rumored to be extremely painful, the root canal procedure mentioned by patients is not at all painful as you are injected with an injection to numb the area. 

Is It Important To Cover Your Root Canal With A Crown?

Yes, it is essential to cover the tooth with a crown after the root canal procedure is completed. For placing the crown, your dentist will call you again to the dental clinic. 

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that typically has to be positioned over a tooth treated with a root canal to protect the remaining tooth structure and remove the function of the molar teeth, which chew and grind food.

However, a crown might be required if no root canal has been done on your front teeth. Because we don’t normally chew or grind with our front teeth, the structure is generally less damaged than a molar tooth structure.

Is A Crown A Permanent Cap?

Dental Crown


No, your crown is not permanent and can also fall down. Now, what to do if it falls down? Do not panic just visit your dental clinic and inform your dentist about the same. He will check your crown and if possible, will place it again or will replace it with a new one. Also, when you find out that your crown is not there, do check it and think whether you have swallowed it. If by chance, you have done it, then you must inform your dentist on an urgent basis so that he can examine it and let you know whether it can be dangerous or not. 

Things You Must Know About Root Canal

Let us have a look at some essential things you must know about root canal before you hit your dental clinic and get your tooth extracted:

It Is A Time Taking Process

A root canal takes time as the dentist will take out the pulp and clear the inside to your infected tooth. He will then fill it and seal it to prevent future infection. It might also happen that your dentist will advise you to revisit the dental clinic to get yourself examined and will put a crown on the tooth so that you can chew your food.

Get It Done Without Thinking Twice

You must be ready to get a root canal done the moment your dentist advises you for the same. A delay in the procedure will worsen the problem and lead to the growth of infection from one tooth to your entire jaw. 

It Is Not Over The Moment You Are Out Of The Dental Clinic

A root canal is a kind of surgery and is not over the moment you get to leave the dental clinic. It will take time to heal, and hence your dentist will tell you not to chew food else. It might cause cracks.

You Might Feel The Pain After Some Time

Once the effect of the injection tapers down, you might start feeling the pain. Just do not panic or rush to your dental clinic. It is a normal thing, and you should stay calm. You can try licking on a popsicle to control the pain. 

Root Canal Treatment Cost

Now, finally when you know everything about the root canal and have made up your mind for getting the treatment done let us get to know how much it is going to cost.

A normal root canal that needs single sitting can cost you from $250 to $400 in the USA. 

If your dentist thinks that you might require more than one sitting than the same procedure can cost you around $900. 

The starting root canal treatment cost in India ranges from Rs 2000 to 5000 and the maximum price up to Rs 12000.

This only includes the cost of root canal treatment. All the things that you will need will cost you extra as per the costs.


A root canal operation isn’t as overwhelming or disgusting as it seems. It’s a straightforward treatment, and the next day, you will be back on your feet. Unless one week after the operation, however, you still feel discomfort, talk to your dentist. Your dentist might also give you some pain killers so that you can enjoy a healthy life quickly. 

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