Role of doctors in keeping the workplace drug-free

role of doctors

Choosing a doctor can be pretty challenging if you have moved to a new city. While you can always ask for recommendations from friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers, the situation is different for everyone. Hence, the factors for deciding the best doctor are also different.
Moreover, your insurance plan or company might affect your choices of selecting the best doctor. You must always read the terms and conditions of your insurance coverage to see if the plan covers the hospital or doctor you are considering.

If the particular doctor is not included in your health insurance plan, the amount that needs to be paid from the packet needs to be calculated. Meanwhile, if you are getting insurance from your office, you may have to choose among various health plans provided by your employer.
Selecting the type of doctor is another important decision you need to make. While most of the plans include the charges of primary care doctor, you might need a specialist if you have a chronic condition of an organ. Most of the doctors in Tweed Heads are board-certified.

However, you should check for the credibility of the doctors; you can do that online by visiting the website run by state medical licensure boards or asking your friend and relatives if they had been treated by them. You can also find if criminal charges are filed against a particular doctor, or disciplinary actions have been taken.

Among various functions performed by a doctor like diagnosing a disease, prescribing medicines, changing diet plans, or performing special procedures as mentioned above, doctors are also responsible for drug and alcohol testing. Such testing is usually conducted by organizations as the use of alcohol and drugs can be hazardous for the workplace.

Drug testing has also become a mandatory part of pre-employment assessment. It is done with the objective of improving workplace safety, increasing employee productivity, reducing product damage or service defects, and helping employees overcome alcoholism.

Urine Drug Testing

Urine drug testing is a procedure performed by doctors. In this, the doctors test the presence of drugs in a sample of urine using various techniques. The drugs tested through this process include Cannabinoids or marijuana, ecstasy, and other Amphetamine Substances, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, heroin, and morphine, among others. A standard drug screening also covers Barbiturates, Methadone Metabolite, Alcohol, and Phencyclidine. Urine for testing is collected as per the company protocol.

A good hospital or medical center uses a convenient kit to facilitate the collection of the urine, which includes a strong plastic transport tube, specimen bottles and caps, labels, and specimen plastic bags. The kits are suitable for transportation. The screening test can sometimes give a false positive result; hence, it is advisable to confirm positive results through a confirmatory Gas Chromatography or Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) test.

Saliva Drug Kits

Just like Urine drug testing, saliva drug testing is a technique used by doctors to find stances of drugs in saliva. The drugs such as Cannabis (THC), Methamphetamines (MET), Amphetamines, Opiates (OPI), Cocaine (COC), and Phencyclidine (PCP) are detected using this procedure.

Possibility of false-positive results

Some medicines may produce false-positive results in screening tests. Hence, if you are undergoing such screening, you should always reveal the names of all the medicines you take, including prescribed medications and non-prescribed supplements.

A doctor helps you to stay healthy by performing screening tests, diagnosing disease, treating health problems, and referring to a specialist if required. A good doctor will always treat his or her patients with respect, listens to their concerns carefully, and lets them speak their mind and express their opinions, encourages them to ask questions, and explains things in laymen language without using medical terms and jargons.

Meanwhile, if you are choosing the doctors in Tweed Heads for your health concerns, you can make a list of doctors by analyzing reviews and recommendations, and call their offices to know more about them. You would be able to know if the doctor is taking new patients or not.

You should also check who will see you if the doctor isn’t available or if he or she has the relevant experience to treat patients with similar medical conditions. You should also know if they offer weekend appointments or not and how long does it take to get an appointment. You should be aware of the cancellation policy and terms and conditions.

You may have visited a doctor for a screening test or normal consultation. But it is always advisable to analyze your experience after the first visit. You should ask yourself if they made you feel comfortable during your visit to them and explained the things in a way that you would understand, listened carefully to you while you spoke, showed respect for what you had to say, and gave you the chance to ask questions.

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