My Fitness Journey from a Nerd to a Bodybuilder


We all have a past. A past which, we believe, wasn’t fair to us at all. We always wonder why things were not in our favour back then. Aren’t we confident enough? Were we so conscious about what we would think if we do something we love no matter what our shape and size is? Well, our past can be our greatest teacher to be honest. We can learn from the mistakes that we’ve made and make ourselves the best version in the present. I always wanted to tell my story to the world and here’s my chance. Continue reading to know what actually happened.

I was in college and like everybody else, I thought that being with someone you love is very important. Everyone around me was with someone and the fact that I have no one was disturbing. So the prom night was around and I saw this girl and I liked her. She was perfect in her own way and I was already falling for her. I took no time and asked her for the prom to which she replied “put some weight on yourself first, weirdo!” and everyone over there started laughing at me.

That day haunted me for a long time. Every time we cross paths, she along with her friends laughed at me due to my appearance. Until one day, my best friend saw this happening and he felt sad for me. He was all fit and smart. Every quality of a perfect man was in him and he never bragged about it. Well, he called me and asked me to visit his place. We met and he straight away asked me to register for the gym where he goes and I filled the form.

He told me about what he saw the other day and decided to help me out. I got myself a diet plan and some good steroids that could help me in boosting up my game. He took me to the gym and asked me for a small favour which was to never give up during this process. He added that it will be painful and stressing but if you believe in yourself and the efforts that you put in, trust me you will love this part of your day. I started going to the gym and the early pump itself motivated me to do more.

As mentioned earlier, it totally changed my life. I started sleeping on time, having multiple meals and giving extra hours to the gym. My friend used to help me in setting my angles if I ever went wrong and I think it was because of him that I started loving myself instead of loving others. He told me my worth and made sure that I never feel bad about myself. It took me two years to finally have that look which I always wanted, the Fight Club look. Brad Pitt was my inspiration and my friend told me about the exercises that I should do the most.

It was my final year and the prom night came again. All this time she saw me growing as a person I am today. My friend told me that she wants you to be with her at the prom but I rejected. Not because I hated her for what she did or something. It was because I finally realised that if you truly love yourself, you really don’t need anyone else to tell you that. I’m now self centered in the most possible way anyone can ever imagine.
It was just the beginning of my journey. I had understood my worth and identified my goal, which was to become a bodybuilder. I changed my routine and worked hard to achieve my goal. I started with doing targeted exercises, under the supervision of a certified and experienced trainer. To improve my stamina and endurance level, I also started using anabolic injections, as per the recommendation of my trainer. I purchased them from UGFreak, a highly trustworthy resource. Ultimately, I achieved my goal. Now, I’m a certified bodybuilder, who has won numerous competitions.

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