How Night Guards Can Help With Bruxism

To understand how night guards can help with bruxism, it’s important to understand bruxism first.

The medical community hasn’t found the top cause of bruxism. Instead, they believe that the condition occurs for a combination of reasons. They are:

  • Stress
  • Lifestyle
  • Injury
  • Medications

Excessively grinding teeth takes place in a high percentage of children. The Sleep Foundation estimates that between six to 50 percent of children grind their teeth

However, most of them outgrow it. 

Adults and children who continue grinding their teeth run into a host of issues. That’s why getting a grip on the condition is important.

Among the solutions for controlling excessive teeth grinding is wearing a night guard. 

The following are five ways how night guards can help with bruxism.

1. Protect Your Teeth

Teeth have a natural sharpness and ridges. The sharpness helps teeth tear the food every individual eats. Individuals who experience bruxism wear out the sharpness more quickly. Plus, they flatten out the ridges.

Without treatment, individuals grind their teeth flat and start throwing off their bite. This leads to dental issues, headaches, and lost sleep. A night guard is an immediate solution that protects the teeth. It also helps prevent the side effects of bruxism.

At the least, the device slows down the progression of tooth damage.

The best night guard for each person is one customized to their bite. Made from durable plastic, it’s thick enough to withstand the tension created when the wearer clenches and grinds their teeth.

On average, custom night guards last five to ten years. The material is sturdy and the device gets the job done.

2. May Help Alleviate Other Side Effects

Bruxism causes side effects such as mild headaches, feeling hungover, and earaches.

Daytime teeth clenching and grinding are easier to spot than nighttime. People become aware that they have the condition because their dentist notices the worn-out teeth edges. 

Others wake up with the side effects and their doctor diagnoses it. Since the night guard device absorbs the tension, the wearer is less likely to wake up with headaches, jaw pain, and stiffness.

With fewer side effects, the bruxism may feel less pronounced too.

3. Helps You Rest

Lack of sleep has its own set of negative effects on the body. Moreover, it can make teeth grinding worse. 

Sleep deprivation leads to slowed thinking, shorter attention span, forgetfulness, and anxiety. It also intensifies bruxism.

By using a night guard, people report resting better despite the teeth grinding at night. Sometimes not sleeping enough causes teeth grinding. Other times, the grinding leads to a loss of sleep. 

While the night guard helps you sleep soundly, you can begin to figure out the cause of your bruxism.

Sometimes grinding is so severe that others can hear it such as your partner. So the motion wakes you up and keeps your partner from receiving a good night’s sleep too.

4. Cost-Effective Treatment

It’s possible to pick up a standard night guard at your favorite retailer for a few bucks. To obtain the best results, it’s better to order a custom device. 

Customized pieces capture every crevice, nook, and peak. Since the material sits evenly without empty pockets, the device lasts longer. You’re less likely to tear through it in the first few uses.

You’ll pay more for the customized option; it will also last between five to ten years. Therefore, it becomes a cost-effective treatment. Night guards are among the items that you can order through the mail.

If you order yours through JS Dental Lab, pick the best option based on your case. 

Wait for the kit to arrive by mail and follow the instructions. As you browse their collection, you’ll notice that they vary in thickness, durability, and use. 

5. Gives You Time to Find Another Solution

When a person’s body does something that it’s not supposed to, they benefit from medical attention. Individuals can get a grasp of their bruxism, especially if it’s a recent development. 

Until you work with your dentist or doctor to find another solution, a night guard provides a viable solution by absorbing the tension. The device affords you time to start a new diet, exercise regimen, and bedtime routine. Then you can measure the results.


Most children who grind their teeth outgrow it. For adults, the condition often occurs from a combination of things. A night guard protects the wearer’s teeth at night. During the daytime, it’s worth employing tactics to help reduce bruxism such as an improved diet, meditation, and speaking with medical professionals.