Everyone knows the importance of putting on sunscreen before going outdoors. But do you know that it is also crucial to apply UV Protective Daily Moisturiser even if you spend more time indoors? You need to start the habit of reapplying sunscreen every two hours.

Since the rules about applying a reliable UV Protective Daily Moisturiser are usually vague, it is necessary to consult with the experts to learn more about sunscreens. Here are what dermatologists can say about wearing SPF moisturisers.

Advice #1: Wear Sunscreen ALL THE TIME

It is important to know that you still need to slather on your chosen sunscreen even if you usually stay indoors. Simple tasks like running errands can pile up your incidental sun damage. It is the reason why dermatologists suggest a daily application of sunscreen products to keep you protected all day.

Exposure to indoor UV may also occur even if you are inside the four corners of your home. The hazardous ultraviolet rays may seep through the glass. So always keep your UV moisturiser handy to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun.

Advice #2: Apply Sunscreen in Important Areas of the Body

Put a generous amount of sunscreen products on your face, including the ears. Health experts believe that you must cover your face, neck and hand completely with sunscreen.

Dermatologists suggested that if you are not the type of person who sweats easily, you may apply sunscreen as soon as you wake up. It will ensure that the skin in the essential areas absorbed the moisturiser.

Advice #3: Always Pick SPF 30

The American Academy of Dermatology members usually recommend their patients choose UV Protective Daily Moisturiser at least SPF 30. These products are clinically proven to contain the necessary amount of protection that can minimise or reduce the harmful events of sunlight.

The skin experts believe that there is little difference between sunscreens with SPF 30 and those with higher SPF content when applied properly. They would also like you to look for water-resistant and broad-spectrum protection to protect your skin against UVA and UVB.

Advice #4: Reapply Every Two Hours

Your skin doctor would always recommend applying your sunscreen repeatedly throughout the day. Ideally, the application must be done at least every two hours during regular days. You must increase the frequency if you sweat a lot or do various activities like swimming.

The doctor also suggests applying a thin layer of sunscreen on the face and the body. It must be as much as a shot glass’s worth of the body and a dollop for the entire face.

Advice #5: Know What To Look When Buying Sunscreen

When shopping for sunscreen, you must always read and inspect the product labels. It must specifically say that it has an SPF 30. It must also indicate that the product is waterproof, especially if you have to sweat and swim.

Also, you must select a brand that does not contain a compound called para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), especially if your skin is very sensitive. If your skin is susceptible to blemishes and acne, you may pick up a water-based sunscreen.

Following the experts’ recommendations about the right way to apply and purchase sunscreens will be the best decision that you will ever make for your body. It will help you get the maximum benefit from your sunscreen product for better skin protection.