dental scrub

dental scrub

Just as schools and colleges insist on wearing school uniforms, hospitals and medical institutes require their staff and professionals to wear identical outfits, also known as, called medical scrubs. These similar garments are not just for the physical look of it. Medical and Dental scrubs are protective outfits designed to be worn while conducting medical procedures, whether a simple examination or a lengthy surgery. The hospital scrub is simply a necessity for most of Australia’s top tier healthcare organisations and institutions. Not only the medical staff but the Australian dental staff also proudly wear dental scrubs. Paediatricians, nurses and child specialities occasionally wear unique scrubs with cartoon prints or animal themes to make patients and personnel less intimidating.

The Evolution of Scrubs

Medical scrubs were established in the early 20th century. Surgeons often wore their clothes and topped them with a butcher’s apron to avoid blood stains and other blemishes from ruining their clothing.

The full dress uniform or scrubs were introduced in the 1940s for the same purpose.

By 1970, medical scrubs were greatly modernised. The outfit was designed in a way that was comfortable and looked pra health worker takesime. Scrubs were made of green cotton and a green polyester blend. They were simple v-necked, short-sleeved shirts paired with drawstring pants. In many cases, the female staff wore short-sleeved, calf-length dresses as scrubs.

Originally, the medical scrubs were available only in white to depict cleanliness and sterility. Nevertheless, the exceptionally bright operating lights and the intense white medical scrubs have caused eye strain in the surgeon and medical staff. Hence, by the 1960s, most hospitals discarded white scrubs and instead introduced scrubs in various shades of green and blue.

Earlier, scrubs were worn mainly for conducting surgeries and operations. But at present, scrubs are used by all medical practitioners, namely veterinarians, dentists and any such workers who work in environments where there is a high risk of infections.

The need for dental scrubs

Scrubs were made mandatory even for dental professionals as it helps identify the Dental team personnel as healthcare workers. Besides this, there is a high chance of dental assistants spreading infections as saliva droplets and blood tend to fall while conducting surgeries. Hence, wearing dental scrubs prevents the spread of germs. Moreover, scrubs are made to be durable and can be washed almost every day to maintain cleanliness.

Benefits of Scrubs

  1. Gives a professional look – A uniform look maintains a sense of proficiency in the workspace.
  2. Improves credibility – Patients tend to seek advice from a professionally dressed health worker when compared to non-uniformed workers.
  3. Psychological benefits – Wearing identical and professional uniforms improve the performance of the workers as it boosts their confidence.
  4. A marketing strategy – Like uniforms help an individual identify which school the child studies in, medical scrubs serve as walking advertisements to promote a hospital or healthcare service.
  5. Comradeship – Medical uniforms implant a sense of togetherness and belonging. It also improves team spirit.
  6. Time-saving – Reduces the time taken by a health worker to get ready as they already have their outfit of the day put together.
  7. Acts as a preventive measure – Since health workers are always in contact with infectious agents, Scrubs act as a layer of protection and reduces the risk of transferring diseases.