Best Ayurvedic Home Remedies Medicine for Kidney Stone

Home remedies for kidney stones

Our bodies have a very ideal system where what we eat either gets digested, turned into energy or turned into waste. Although, sometimes it could take a different turn and result in the development of an ailment like kidney stones. It is not uncommon for our bodies to not be able to pass certain minerals or waste materials. This is when you will need the best ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone


What is most iconic is that these kidney stones are no bigger than 2mm in size but can cause pain one can’t measure. It could also be the size of a small fruit and block urinary function while you are unable to pass it. In most scenarios, the patients are able to pass the kidney stone in some time but it could need some medicine or further procedure also. 


Treatment or ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone will always differ based on the type of kidney stone you have developed or the size of it. Our bodies also react differently to treatment, which is why it is important to find the best ayurvedic medicine for kidney stones. A personal diagnosis is the first step in the healing process. 

How do Kidney stones develop?

The key reason for formation of kidney stones is that our urine becomes too concentrated to be able to pass certain minerals through it. This could be because of the presence of substances like calcium, oxalate and uric acid or due to reduced water intake even. It comes down to our daily routine and food habits. We have put together a few things most of us are guilty of doing, which lead to development of kidney stones.

1. Low water intake

It is no surprise that our bodies are made of 70% water and that ratio has to be maintained throughout. We often forget to drink the appropriate amount daily in order to keep ourselves hydrated. Reduced water intake simply leads to less fluidity in the urine, which is a direct cause behind the occurrence of kidney stones. 

2. Drinking calories

Why aerated drinks are a big no is that they count for empty calories which do no good to our bodies. Our system needs the nourishment provided by a balanced diet. Aerated drinks will fill up your appetite without delivering the nutrition required. A lot of times we replace them with water which is again paving a road straight to development of kidney stones.

3. Inappropriate diet

Often we have allergies and certain levels of tolerances for different foods. This is because our bodies are different individually. Certain food items can increase the chances of kidney stone formation, especially if you have a family history. It is best to consult someone who can guide you about the right diet intake. Excess of caffeine or alcohol should also be avoided as both can be majorly defined as causes of kidney stone development. 


The substances that are usually in excess in our body, which form the kidney stone, stem from an imbalance or inappropriate diet. Eating right couldn’t be more important than anything else. 

4. Less or too much exercise

Creating a balance is the key here. Having a sedentary lifestyle can lead to kidney stones forming as much as too much exercise can. A slow lifestyle is an invitation to many ailments, including kidney stones. As well is,  pushing your body beyond it can take during a certain time period. Exercise daily and as much as your body allows. 

Symptoms of having a Kidney Stone

There will be times when you won’t know that you have passed a kidney stone or have one, because they are that small. Symptoms become evident when it starts to move around in your kidney or is big enough to cause trouble. 


The noticeable symptoms occur when the ureters are unable to pass the stone while the kidney starts to swell. This can become very painful which is when you would need treatment of ayurvedic medicine for stone in kidney. These will be the visible symptoms which will help you identify the situation where medical help is required. 


  • The urine might be pink, red or brown due to slight bleeding or passing of the stone. 
  • A burning sensation in the urethra while you are urinating
  • Severe pain in lower abdomen, groin or even side, back and ribs. This pain could be coming and going like waves and the intensity might also fluctuate. 
  • Fever and chills are also a possible scenario if there is an infection.
  • Frequent urination, more often than usual, is another common occurrence. 
  • A feeling of nausea or vomiting is also possible. 


In case any of these symptoms show up, it is suggested to consult for medical help. Pain can also become severe or one might face difficulty in passing urine completely. This would be the right time to look at kidney stone ayurvedic medicine

Home remedies for Kidney Stones

Severity of the symptoms of kidney stone occuring will depend on the size of it. Mild symptoms or small stones can often be treated at home where you pass it in a few days. Here are a few effective home remedies that have helped many previously. 

1. Drink more water

There is no better remedy for kidney stones than increasing your water intake. Doing this can help you flush out oxalates from your body, which are one of the key constituents of kidney stones. 

2. Milk products for calcium

Despite the fact that calcium is another constituent of kidney stones, a diet rich in calcium will not increase the chances of forming one. Rather, dietary calcium which comes from milk, cheese and curd etc, will blend with the oxalates and prevent them from getting absorbed completely. The kidneys won’t have to pass them at all then. 

3. Dandelion Root Juice

Dandelion root isn’t just effective in further formation of kidney stones, it can help with digestion and urine output. Both can be improved which are vital for passing a kidney stone. Fresh dandelion juice is the best way to go, if not, tea is also available which is equally effective. 

4. Kidney beans

There is no better remedy for kidney stones than kidney beans, ironically. A great way to reap their benefits to heal is by cooking a broth. Overall kidney health can also be improved by timely consumption of the broth or kidney beans in any other way. They are a popular dish in most Indian homes, which also counts for easy availability. 

5. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a great way to improve digestion and also helpful for breaking down calcium stones especially. Even the smaller stones will break down which will become easy to pass through urine. This is very much possible if you consume a good amount of lemon juice. Even a little should help as ayurvedic remedy for large kidney stone

Best medicines to help with Kidney Stones

Home remedies can be helpful with mild cases of kidney stones by medicines becoming a requirement in severe cases. These medicines act as a supportive element to better diet and other lifestyle changes which can prevent or heal kidney stones. Some of the best ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone have been listed below.

1. Khadnol syrup

Any size of kidney stone can be dissolved with the consumption of khadnol syrup by Ujwala Ayurvedashram. The benefit here is that even the largest kidney stones get broken down into tiny particles, making it easier to pass them through urine. Dosage should be as recommended by your ayurvedic practitioner. 


  1. Reduced pain in urinary tract
  2. Improved urinary system health
  3. Controlled uric acid
  4. Improved urine output

2. Khadnol + Livcon capsule

The Khadnol + Livcon capsule by Ujwala Ayurvedashram is an alternative for the syrup under the same name. Presence of any excess uric acid can be controlled with these capsules and the result is better renal and urinary function


  1. Boost in physiological health
  2. Maintaining pH balance in urine
  3. Reduced kidney inflammation and infection
  4. Dissolution of kidney stones 

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