5 tips to disinfect your hands without attacking your skin

sanitize your hands without damaging your skin

In this period, disinfecting your hands is important to protect us and our loved ones. Although it is a healthy habit to maintain throughout the year, in the last few days we have witnessed a real race for disinfectant gels and various.

But what is the use of disinfecting hands? 

During the day our hands come into contact with a whole series of potentially harmful pathogenic organisms. In public transport, at work but also at home it is easy to touch unclean objects so using a good hand gel sanitizer is an excellent preventive solution.

Especially in the absence of soap and water, using a disinfectant gel can really help you have healthy and clean hands.

There are 5 tips to sanitize your hands without damaging your skin

Maintaining proper hand hygiene requires some essential precautions:

How often to sanitize hands

Hands must be disinfected and sanitized every time you enter and leave a very crowded public place such as the bus, bar or post office. Be careful, however, even work due to continuous direct contact with colleagues can also favor the proliferation of a common cold.

In this case it is necessary to use common sense and to clean your hands before and after all situations that require close contact with others.

The most important thing when you don’t have clean hands is to avoid touching your nose and mouth because that’s where most infections occur.

How to disinfect hands

If before everyone had his habits and his opinion now the medical indications are clear.

Whether it is using a hand sanitizer or with plain water, the procedure to follow requires at least 2 minutes in total.

Only the phase in which you rub your hands with each other with soap or hand sanitizing gel should last at least 40-60 seconds. This allows you not only to “make the product act” but also to take the time necessary to clean the palm and back of the hands, the wrists, between the fingers and under the nails.

As for the use of soap at home, I know well, especially in the kitchen, how much dish soap is used to make things faster. This practice is absolutely deleterious: dish soap is too aggressive and degreasing for your skin and will inevitably lead to chapping.

The dry skin of the hands can in the long run favor micro-abrasions and make you more exposed to pathogens present on objects.

Finally, if you use a hand sanitizer without water you have to let your hands dry in the air, this type of sanitizing gel does not need to be rinsed.

How to dry your hands

After washing your hands, they should be dried. If for the hand sanitizers in gel we have seen that just letting your hands dry in the air when using soap and water, not using a towel can be a problem.

The excess water that has remained on the skin promotes dry hands leading to unpleasant consequences.

Warning! If you regularly uses a cotton towel wash it often, the bacteria in fact tend to nest also there especially if it remains damp for a long time.

Choose the right product

Using a gel disinfectant has several advantages:

  • You can also use it without water
  • The sanitizing effect is immediate
  • Dries quickly and does not leave your hands oily
  • You can use it at any time: on the subway, during a meeting or at the supermarket

As for hand sanitizers in gel, there are all types and finding the right one for you is not so easy, especially if you suffer from dry hands.

The important thing, in this case, is to choose an emollient and as natural as possible product. Many of the gels on the market contain a too high percentage of alcohol which, if used often, affects the skin more on the surface.

Other disinfectants, however, to save money, do not however contain valuable ingredients for the skin that protect it during and after the use of the gel.

Having hydrated and protected skin at the same time is possible. For example, the Private Mood hand sanitizer offers you all the security of a common disinfectant gel combined with the nourishing and elasticizing properties of aloe vera.

Aloe, together with the mix of the other ingredients, creates a protective film on the skin and keeps your hands soft and hydrated.

Don’t forget the cream

To pamper your hands to the maximum, do not forget the hand cream to be applied after you have dried. Be smart though, the tube that you always keep in your bag is often not clean. Remember to also disinfect the items you use most, including the packaging of your favorite hand cream.

This way you will always have clean and hydrated hands.


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