5 Remedies That Help Treat Sunburned Skin

5 Remedies That Help Treat Sunburned Skin

So you’re having a great day out and about enjoying some fresh air… only to realize too late that you didn’t take all the proper steps to protect your skin from the sun.

It’s sunburn city. Population: you.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help soothe and treat your irritated skin. These five tried-and-true remedies will give you some relief, so you’re as comfortable as possible while your sunburn is healing.

Use Aloe Vera

For any kind of burn, aloe vera is one of the most recommended remedies.

It has anti-inflammatory properties to lessen swelling, and it adds a ton of moisture to your dry, angry skin to soothe it. You’ll start feeling relief almost as soon as you rub it on!

Aloe gel straight from the plant is your best bet. Slapping gel from an aloe plant straight on your skin will give you the purest form of its soothing powers.

But if you don’t have access to an aloe vera plant, don’t sweat it. There are other forms of aloe you can use.

Aloe vera gels and lotions will provide pretty much the same amount of relief to your sunburn, especially if you stick it in the refrigerator to cool down first.

Apply your choice of aloe to the affected skin a few times a day, whenever you need that cooling effect. It may feel a bit slimy, but that’s miles better than having dry, itchy skin.

Take a Soothing Bath

Cool water is a great way to treat your sunburn. Sitting in a nice, refreshing bath will definitely help you feel better.

It rehydrates your dry skin and soothes the burning and itching associated with sunburn.

Take it a step further by mixing some ingredients into the water for an even stronger treatment.

Oatmeal is great for reducing irritation while helping your skin retain its natural moisture. And baking soda will actually help minimize any damage that the sun may have caused.

It’ll be just like the oatmeal baths you had to take when you had chickenpox as a child.

Once you get out of the bath, don’t rub yourself dry. That’ll irritate your sunburn and make it hurt all over again. Rough towels are not friendly to damaged skin in the slightest.

Instead, pat gently to dry yourself off without the pain.

Brew Some Chamomile Tea

A nice cup of tea is a great way to relax after a stressful day.

Sure, you could always settle in and drink up. It would probably help you sleep better, but that’s not where we’re going with this one.

Chamomile is a wonderful herb for reducing the inflammation caused by sunburn. It soothes your burnt skin, too.

Green tea has similar properties. If you happen to have it in your cabinet, make yourself a cup.

All you have to do is brew some tea with hot water like you normally would. But instead of adding sugar or honey, let it sit and cool until it’s at room temperature.

Once it’s cool enough, dip a washcloth in the tea and gently dab it against the affected areas of your skin. Take your time to get some good coverage without rubbing your skin at all.

Then, you can settle down with an actual cup of your favorite tea to sip and relax while the chamomile works its magic!

Create a Paste

If you’re looking for something to smear on your sunburn, you can make your own treatment paste from things you have sitting around your house.

Create a mixture of oatmeal and honey that will reduce irritation. The resulting paste has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce swelling and treat your damaged skin.

If it needs thinning, just add a little bit of milk.

Baking soda mixed with a few tablespoons of water to form a paste will give you relief and protect your skin from some of the damage the sunburn might cause.

Just smooth it on your skin and leave it for 10-15 minutes, then gently remove it with a wet washcloth, trying not to rub too hard.

Coconut oil might not be a paste you make on your own, but its list of health benefits is pretty long. Put it on your sunburn to help your skin retain moisture and keep it feeling hydrated and happy.

Stay Hydrated

Getting a sunburn will really dry out your skin, which is partly why it’s so irritated in the first place. Your skin needs hydration to thrive.

Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water to provide your skin the moisture it needs to heal.

Your skin will be extra thirsty, so this remedy is essential.

Dehydration is much easier to come by when you’re suffering from a sunburn, so make sure you’re drinking as much water as possible every day (even if that means getting more than eight glasses in).

You can also snack on fruits like watermelon, cucumber, and strawberries that contain a good amount of water to get even more in your system!

In Conclusion

Sunburn puts a damper on summer fun, which is why it’s crucial to do your best to prevent it before it happens. The sun’s rays are no joke.

Some of the best ways to ward off sunburn are:

  • Wear sunscreen.
  • Reapply sunscreen often.
  • Wear protective clothing.
  • Sit in the shade.
  • Limit sun exposure between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. (when it’s at its worst).

These things do happen, though. So, whenever you do end up with a sunburn, use these five remedies to give your skin some relief and help it heal a little faster. You’ll find yourself feeling much better in no time.

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