Matka Water Benefits

Matka Water Benefits

Many of us might be habitual of storing water in matka or earthen clay pots in summer, especially in villages. Drinking water from matka or earthen clay pots has a lot of benefits, but you may be unaware of this. So here in this article, we will provide you a list of benefits of drinking water from mud pot.

There has been a lot of confusion about how much water we should drink in a day. Few suggest that at least our body needs 1-2 liters of water and few people say it is good to take at least 3-4 liters of water. Without discussing more on this topic we should advise that drink only when you feel thirsty, don’t drink unnecessarily just by reading on the internet.

So, it totally depends on your daily physical activities, like do you go to the gym regularly, or running in the morning, going to the office. So it is better to ask a professional or nutritionist.

Matka water provided chilled water in earlier days when there were no refrigerators and even today, people in villages use matka for storing water. Not because they don’t have refrigerators, but some people keep clay pots even when they have refrigerators due to taste and benefits of  Matka water.

Drinking water from Matka has not just 1 benefit, but it has multiple benefits and here we will discuss the top 5 Matka water benefits:-

Earthen Pot / Matka Water Benefits


Due to the alkaline nature of clay which reflects in the clay pot too. People use clay pot water, because some people may experience acidity problems in drinking refrigerator water, so drinking clay pot water helps in reducing the acidic nature of water and balancing the PH.

earthen or clay pot water benefits

Earthen Pot water benefit for Throat

While the Refrigerator water too chilled and storing water in steel and normal containers in summers is too warm, the earthen pot provides the perfect drinking water in summers. Due to its perfect cooling effect, people with cold and cough can easily drink it.

Boosts Metabolism by Drinking Clay Pot Water

Water in Plastic containers contains toxic chemicals like BPA which has very harmful effects on our body and also decreases testosterone levels. So by drinking clay pot water you are saving yourselves from these types of diseases and even improves metabolism of the body.

తా మట్కా

Preventing Sun Stroke by Drinking Matka Water

Sunstroke is a very common problem nowadays and many people suffer from this in summers. The vitamin and minerals present in the stored matka water helps in maintaining the glucose levels and provides a cooling effect in the body.

Natural Purifier

Water stored in earthen pots or clay pots is said to purify the water within 2-3 hours and you are avoiding usage of RO’s and water purifiers. You just need to wash your earthen pots regularly of once in within 2-3 days.


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